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If you handpick the Nordic wisest entrepreneurs in industrial automation into a single group. And let them operate and develop the group’s various businesses as they see best. Then you get a group of individually strong companies, each with big ambitions, high goals and a unique understanding of its clients. So simple is the idea behind Volito Automation.

Since its inception in 2010, Volito Automation starts and acquires companies in industrial automation. In 2015, Volito Automation launched a reorganization into two business segments, MRO and OEM, with the aim of achieving more efficient resource allocation and greater development opportunities. The reorganization has been conducted in Sweden and Finland with positive results. The OEM segment consists of HydX and Hydro Swede merged under the common name HydX. The MRO segment consists of HydSupply, Hydratech and PF Hydraulics, which were merged under the name HydSupply as well as HINDAB that was acquired in November 2016. We are now in a strong growth phase and are ready for further expansion. Today, the group consists of five companies with establishments in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

We have chosen to build the group from below on the basis of that which is obvious when you ask customers what they want: The best solutions, great commitment, great service, understanding of customer challenges, flexibility and quick decisions.

We carefully select the partners, associates and entrepreneurs who see the importance of such qualities. Who share our values of sustainability, quality and good relationships. And that is ready to start and develop the best business they’ve ever worked on.

It is our belief that people are running businesses, not vice versa. Therefore, the employees of our subsidiary are the Nordic region’s most experienced and skilled in their fields.

Volito Automation’s subsidiaries are all locally rooted, with its own employees, its own customers, their own business ideas, their own business, own specialist know-how and its own profit and loss accounts. Within the group, we collaborate and support each other, both in everyday projects in the long-term strategy. Behind our investments is the investment company Volito. The group has a strong position in the market and provides a dynamic development environment.

Since its inception, the response from the market, from customers and from suppliers has been huge. The group’s goal is to become the market leader in the Nordic region with an organization that is comprehensive to the geography and the range. It is our intention to continue to build an environment where enthusiasts have the space to burn. So that more good ideas can come to life, grow and be profitable.


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