HydX was established in October 2009. The business consists of sales, engineering and production of hydraulic systems for a broad range of applications in mobile, industrial and marine equipment. The company possesses, in addition to a solid knowledge of hydraulics, a unique expertise in the oil lubrication system. Lubricating oil is used for so-called hydrostatic bearings in rotating equipment in heavy industry.

HydX include involvement in the development of the hydrostatic bearing function of what will become the world’s largest reflecting telescope. The telescope will be placed on Mount Mauna Kea in Hawaii. You will be able to see 13 billion light years into space, and the hope is to discover life in our own or in another galaxy. HydX currently has twenty employees in Ystad and four in Gothenburg. Revenue growth has averaged 16 million per year and will land at about 80 million in 2014 – with good profitability. Today the company has an export share of approximately 50% and is one of Scandinavia’s most competitive and innovative hydraulic businesses.

Jury statement: This year’s winner of the Growth Prize has quickly built up from scratch and had an impressive development in both the number of employees, turnover and income. It has put itself at the forefront of a highly competitive industry. Purposefully believed in their idea and with their product development, quality and innovation to deliver products today around the world to impressive projects where Ystad is put on the map.