HydX and Hydro Swede AB, both part of the Volito Automation, combining their operations and will after the merge go under the name HydX. The purpose of the merge is primarily to gather common resources and expertise to thus streamline marketing efforts and generate further growth. HydX will after the merge operate from Ystad, Gothenburg and Stockholm and will be headquartered in Ystad.


The company will have 34 employees and turnover over 110 million. For more information, refer to the respective companies’ websites www.hydx.se or www.hydroswede.se where continuous information will be posted. You can also follow HydX in social media via HydX LinkedIn and / or Facebook page.

For questions regarding this, please refer to:
Stefan Holmberg CEO HydX stefan.holmberg@hydx.se 0411-557187
Thomas Larsson, CEO of Hydro Swede thomas.larsson@hydroswede.se 08-531999 01