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We are looking for suppliers who share our philosophy

As a supplier to Volito Automation and the group’s subsidiaries you are a decisive factor in our work environment and our ability to offer high quality. To strive for long-term relationships with customers, partners and suppliers is a priority of our business strategy and our corporate culture.

We are always interested to get in touch with qualified suppliers, both for products and services that are directly related to our core business, and partly for services related to everything around, like offices, administration and transport.

If you are interested in tendering for goods and services, we make the following basic requirements:

  • We want all agreements that turns to both the Parent Company and to our subsidiary is procured centrally by Volito Automation.
  • We expect that your business sets basic requirements equivalent to our own force, for example, working environment, safety and the environment.
  • We want you to account for ongoing quality work in your business, either through existing ISO certifications, or equivalent systems.
  • We want a clear description of how your company manages purchasing, sales and complaints, so that we in turn can explain these to our customers.
  • We wish that the timing and levels of impending price adjustments is specified clearly in the contract subscription.

You are welcome to contact us if you have suggestions for cooperation you think may be useful for Volito Automation. For general questions, participation in tenders or requests for products and services, please contact:

CEO Johan Frithiof


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